Don’t take unnecessary risks

IMBIBE is designed to protect against unique risks facing your brewery.

Physical Risks

Equipment failure can lead to lost or spoiled batches of beer.  And product recalls can significantly and negatively impact cash flow.

Liability Risks

Slippery brewing room floors may lead to falls during a tour. Excess consumption may contribute to accidents on the way home.

Fiduciary Risks

Brewers must guarantee that taxes will be paid.  Directors, investors and partners may benefit from coverage to protect from errors and omissions.

Cyber Risks

Customers running a tab could find their credit card missing, with charges incurred.  External parties could access sensitive company data.

Craft breweries require unique coverage

IMBIBE provides peace of mind through risk management and mitigation.

IMBIBE’s market-leading pricing means craft brewers get more, for less. Save up to 20%!

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